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The NMC Voice: Back to School Edition

We're excited to share that our YouTube video series, "The NMC Voice," has a new look and feel! Watch the show to get three-minute updates on what is happening in the NMC community and how you can get involved. One of the new segments in show is "Horizon in Action," where we feature an project that creatively makes use of emerging technologies. We're looking to you to let us know about your projects. Drop us a note at communications@nmc.org.

iPads Revisited, Horizon Report Launches, New Members, and More!

After taking a hiatus over summer vacation, the NMC Voice video series is back with a brand new episode! Learn about the latest news (new Horizon Reports!) and events (iPad workshop!), along with an awesome project from NMC member University of Southern California that we explore in the "Your Voice" section. If you want YOUR project to be featured in an upcoming episode, drop us a line at communications@nmc.org.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend the 2012 NMC Summer Conference

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1. MIT is the place to be.  This year’s conference host is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where you get to visit locations on its wonderful campus such as Strobe Alley, the birthplace place of Radar, and the MIT Media Lab. And of course, some of the best restaurants and pubs will be calling your name. Check out recommendations and highlights from the MIT website.

New Year, New Voice!

We've all been there: that post-holiday season stretch where your desks are suddenly covered by papers and hundreds of emails are hitting your inboxes faster than a retro, automated voice can say "You've got mail!" The good news is that this burst of activity means that new ideas are beginning to take flight, along with exciting opportunities for collaboration.

It is a new year, brimming with new possibilities. The NMC wants to help you make those possibilities become a reality through our publications, webinars, events, and more.

NMC Voice: Photo Safari, New Horizon Report, Webinars, and More!

November is going to be a huuuuge month at the NMC. With Thanksgiving around the corner, we all have a lot to be grateful for.

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