NMC Summer Conference

For the Love of Learning: An Interview with Cheryl Steighner

At Camelot Elementary in Federal Way, Washington, a classroom of third graders are crowded around a laptop talking excitedly about their school day with a group of their peers in Oklahoma. Their teacher, Cheryl Steighner, coordinates these virtual meetings via Skype so that her students can get a sense of how digital tools enable collaboration across state lines, and just how easy it is to connect with others anywhere in the world.

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Riding the Curve

Photos by Tom Haymes

“Technology is a word that describes something that doesn't work yet.” - Douglas Adams

As we go through our annual computer replacement cycle I am once again struck by the institutional inertia that stifles technological change. As usual, the bias in what people select to be their computing device of choice for the next four years is largely shaped by what they had in the previous four years.

Stanford University's Cloud-based Copyright Clearance: A Win-Win for Content Creators and Users

The NMC extends its congratulations to Franny Lee and Martha Russell of Stanford University for receiving the Best in Show award for their poster, "Cloud-based Copyright Clearance Services," at the 2012 NMC Summer Conference at MIT.

Story by Christina Farr

Intellectual property law is riddled with complexities, and yet, a simple mistake could result in an expensive and highly public lawsuit. In the higher education sector, a misstep could lead to millions of dollars in legal fees. 

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