When (Big) Data Changes the Way We View Our World: A Brief Case Study

“Can I show you something?” is a question that often leads me to magnificent discoveries. So when I heard that question recently from Mitchell Yangson, a colleague working in the International Center at the Main Library here in San Francisco, I was eager to sit with him and see what was on his mind — and on the screen of his computer.

The Challenge of Shifting Paradigms

As a follow up to my recent lamentations in Riding the Curve, I wanted to expound on another aspect of the technology adoption issue. We are living in a time when it’s not a matter of just getting a better operating system or a faster computer. The technological shifts are changing the fundamental context of how we work, live, and educate.

GLAMcamp DC adds Sparkle to Museum-Wikipedia Partnerships

By Lori Byrd Phillips

When one hears “GLAMcamp,” the last thing that would come to mind is a gaggle of Wikipedians hacking on tech tools and documentation. But that’s precisely what GLAMcamp is — a three-day event that brings together Wikipedians to create tools, standards, and best practices for partnerships between cultural organizations and Wikipedia. A friendly reminder: GLAM is an acronym for Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums — not a reference to the great David Bowie. (Sorry. No glitter!)

Texas Tech University Libraries

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