Jack West

Over the Horizon: K-12 in 2017

By Jack West
Top photo: Creative Commons by blykst; Bottom photo: Creative Commons by Faith Kocaman

Why "Just How Small is the Atom" Has the Most Views on Ted-Ed

…and why we should be concerned.

By Jack West

Love. That's what I felt when I first landed on TED's new site for educators and students, Ted-Ed. From the hosts of the 18 minute talks that have inspired some of the most interesting lunchtime discussions in my classroom over the last few years, comes a site brimming with equally fascinating talks that step off from the platform of content commonly addressed in sixth through twelfth grade.

The Big Challenge in US Education and How EdTech Can Help

By Jack West
Creative Commons flickr Photos by The New School (top) and flickingerbrad (middle)

Succinctly stated the challenge is this:

Imagining Possibilities in EdTech: Lesson Content Delivery

By Jack West
Creative Commons flickr Photo by Ron Sombilon

This is the second in a series of posts I am writing about what the traditional classroom could look like in the near future with already available and nearly available edtech. The first post explored lesson planning.

Imagining Possibilities in EdTech: Planning

By Jack West
Creative Commons photo by 4nitsirk

Are You Sure You Want This? AUPs From Around the World

One out of every five times I boot up my clicker software — a process that takes nearly 120 seconds on my MacBook — the program crashes. Re-booting requires a full-system re-start. I desperately want to make the move to personal digital device dependence in my classes.

Gooru: The Future of STEM Education Resources

The former head of Google India is drawing with a whiteboard marker on the glass cover of his white office desk. He is showing me the organizational structure of his STEM education resource, search, and curation portal called Gooru.

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