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The New Media Consortium and the eLearn Center of Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) have released the Technology Outlook for Iberoamerican Tertiary Education 2012-2017 to help inform Iberoamerican educational leaders about significant developments in technologies supporting teaching, learning, and research in tertiary education. The study ran from February through April 2012, based on the work of a group of 45 carefully selected experts.

The 12 “technologies to watch” presented in the report reflect the advisory board’s opinions as to which of the nearly 60 technologies considered will be most important to Iberoamerican tertiary education over the five years following the publication of the report. There was an agreement that mobile apps, cloud computing, open content, and collaborative environments are only a year — or less — away from mainstream adoption; tablet computing, game-based learning, personal learning environments, and geolocation are poised within the two-to-three year horizon; and learning analytics, semantic applications, massively open online courses, and augmented reality are four-to-five years out. View the work that produced the report at

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