The Edward and Betty Marcus Institute for Digital Education in the Arts (MIDEA), founded in 2009, is a pioneering program aimed expressly at meeting the needs of art museums, university arts and museum education programs, and the professionals who serve them. MIDEA’s mission is to serve the needs of museum professionals with timely research into emerging trends and technologies, focused training, and a rich collection of resources related to the applications of technology to arts interpretation and education.

Together, the NMC and MIDEA publish the prestigious Horizon Report: Museum Edition on an annual basis. MIDEA offers its members a wealth of online resources, regular analysis, continuous research, news, and reports. A flagship blog hosts ideas and reflections authored by some of the leading minds in the museum world.  Most of all, however, MIDEA offers members a dependable, credible, and timely font of carefully vetted information and tools they can put to use immediately.

The Institute hosts a global consortium whose members constitute a dynamic and deeply knowledgeable community of innovators that share strategies and success stories about digital applications for learning and interpretation. It is a place where people, ideas, resources, and tools routinely mix to highlight new ways of thinking, showcase best practices, encourage innovation, and strengthen education in the arts.

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Sparking innovation, learning and creativity.
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Identifying the impact of emerging technologies.
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The Edward and Betty Marcus Institute for Digital Education in the Arts (MIDEA) provides timely, succinct and practical knowledge about emerging technologies that museums can use to advance their missions.
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The largest educational presence in any virtual world, involving more than 150 colleges and universities and a very active community of educators that numbers nearly 12,000.
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