HP Catalyst Project

The key to social innovation and economic growth is to improve education in science, technology, engineering, math and the arts, and the HP Catalyst Initiative, in collaboration with the NMC, is dedicated to transforming STEM+ learning across the globe.

The Catalyst Initiative is a global network of consortia that brings together leading educational institutions and NGOs to explore new approaches to STEM+ education. The groups are investigating opportunities, such as collaborative learning and student assessment, that make the most of technology to empower great teaching and create powerful new learning experiences for students.

The NMC has been participating in the Catalyst Initiative for some time as part of the Initiative's Executive Advisory Board. In this new project, NMC partnered with HP to weave a social fabric that joins together all of the diverse viewpoints and perspectives of the Catalyst Initiative stakeholders. To support the series, and to showcase innovative ways of using social media, the NMC created a central location for the HP Catalyst Community: catalyst-academy.org. The new hub reflects a smart toolset that aggregates into one place all content pertinent to HP’s ongoing Catalyst Initiative, including live events, video forums, and social media.

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