Listserv Archives

Looking to capture a conversation from the listservs to share with your colleagues or keep in your collection? Our listserv archives stretch back to January 2000 — all the way back when "face" and "book" were non sequiturs. Cue flashback music.

Accessing Archives
1. Go to
2. (Skip this step if you've logged in previously). Click on "Get a LISTSERV Password." Once prompted, enter in the same email address you used to subscribe to the listservs and submit a password. You will then immediately receive an email asking you to click on a link to confirm your account.
3. Log on by clicking on "Subscribers Corner." Your listervs will come up, and once you click on the desired listserv, the archives will be categorized by month and year.

And, while you're there...

Digest Mailing
Want to simplify your inbox? Arrange for a digest mailing, so that all messages sent during the day arrive together as a single piece of mail. To do this, go to the "Subscriber Corner." Click on the "settings" link on the line for the list you would like to change to digest mode. From here, you can adjust the digest settings for you subscription.

Vacation Setting
If you're going to be on vacation, we encourage you to temporarily suspend listserv messages. To do this, go to "Subscriber Corner." Click on the "settings" link on the line for the list you would like to set to vacation mode. From here, click on the check box called "Mail delivery disabled temporarily." When you return from vacation, follow the same steps and uncheck the box. Optional: send us cool pictures from your trip!

> Have questions about accessing the archives and any other listserv settings? Contact us.

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