Ringwood North Primary's CBL Video Receives EdReach Award

Earlier this week, Adam Brice, Challenge Based Learning (CBL) educator and assistant principal at Ringwood North Primary in Melbourne, Australia received a tremendous honor. What started out as a video to share the school's CBL project with their community became an extremely valuable asset for education at large. We weren't the only ones to take notice and feel that tug as we watched the young students helping communities recover from natural disasters. Brice's video, below, was just awarded the title of "#1 Educational Video of 2011" by EdReach.

What this video does to your heart, it will do tenfold to your mind. It is one video — one depiction — of how an innovative, multidisciplinary way of teaching can make learning so much more meaningful and relevant to students. But it is that one shining kernel that reflects an entire community of educators who have dived into Challenge Based Learning with determination, optimism, and open minds. It shows us the amazing outcomes when teachers switch gears from lectures and tests to more student-centered, active approaches. Also illustrated in the video is how the use of technology can make different types of students' creativity come alive.

NMC CEO Larry Johnson had the chance to visit Ringwood North Primary while in Melbourne this week, and visited with students, teachers, and the school administrators.

"The energy of these kids, their teachers, and the educational staff at Ringwood is palpable," he shared. "They have infused challenge-based learning into everything they do — I've never seen kids so engaged and excited about their work. Seeing what is happening at Ringwood gives me tremendous optimism around what can be done when we give educators the chance to fundamentally reimagine schools."

Imagine the caliber of people our education systems could foster if students everywhere were challenged to develop and implement solutions to pressing local and global issues. This #1 video certainly gives us an excellent preview.

To learn more about Ringwood North Primary's CBL project and CBL in general, download the NMC's recent study about the effectiveness of CBL.

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