Photos from the 2013 NMC Horizon Project Summit

Hail, hail the gang's all here! The 2013 NMC Horizon Project Summit > Future of Education kicked off with a focus on mega themes in education. Join all the conversations on Twitter via #NMChz. Below is a photo recap.

Daily photo essays from day oneday two, and day three capture the excitement nicely. All photos are courtesy of David Sibbet of the Grove.

Day One


Mega-Themes - past, present, and future!






New Mega-Themes that emerged from day one of the Summit.




Holly Ludgate announces the new NMC K-12 Ambassador Program.



Larry Johnson announces the upcoming launch of the NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly app for Android devices. Join the beta!


Day Two





The group discusses the most wicked problems we face in education.






Our brave and innovate NMC Shark Tank Entrepreneurs!


The NMC Shark Tank Judges Table


Day Three

The final round of the NMC Horizon Project Summit Shark Tank!


First up, Aleksander Dietrichson from X-Ray Research with an amazing learning analytics project.



Next up, Sara Hussain of TakingITGlobal presents on future-friendly schools.



Finally, Saad Alam discusses Citelighter, a new tool that enables students to more easily capture information and see helpful analytics.



...And the winner is: Citelighter! Congratulations to all of our Shark Tank presenters and finalists. All your projects are poised for major growth!


So long, farwell! Goodbyes are tough. But you left us with so. many. big ideas!

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