MIDEA Awards Minigrants to Texas Museums

The Marcus Institute for Digital Education in the Arts distributes funding to museums to launch innovative, technology-based projects. 

"Episode IV: A New Hope"

By: Holly Witchey

(Note: Opening meladromaticization is intentional) A few days ago I found myself feeling a little like Luke Skywalker who upon return to his Uncle Owen’s and Aunt Beru’s on Tatooine found the place in shambles–his family and home destroyed by Imperial Stormtroopers.


Goldilocks is all grown up

By: Holly Witchey

Charting a Path for the Future of Museum Education

Photo by Scott Sayre

My half hour

By: Holly Witchey

There has been little in the way of "me" time at my house in the past few months.  Since December, however, I have been grabbing a quiet half hour--usually either in the very early morning or late in the evening--for a half hour of online activities.   I split my time between Luminosity (http://www.lumosity.com/app/v4/games) and Duolingo (http://duolingo.com)...

Community-Sourcing “100 Toys” (Part II)

By: Lori Byrd Phillips

In my first post on Community-Sourcing 100 Toys I explained the process behind The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis project and shared about the surprising level of engagement it received. Get caught up, if you haven’t already!

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