Peek Inside: NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly App

Last week, the NMC released the NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly App — an extension of the NMC Horizon Project. This app helps to inform the daily decisions of educators by providing them with instant edtech news and field examples of emerging technology effectively integrated into teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. The app allows the ongoing research of the NMC Horizon Project to be readily accessed from your iPad or iPhone. Purchase of the app directly funds the critical work of the NMC Horizon Project to collect and disseminate edtech research, projects, articles, reports, and more.

The NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly app funnels content from the NMC Horizon Project Navigator database. For those of you who are not familiar, Navigator is a searchable database where we organize projects, articles, reports, and more that pertain to edtech topics. For each NMC Horizon Report, we pull projects and further readings from this extensive database. The NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly App offers users direct access to search, save, and discover those projects, news items, resources, and publications from our constantly updated NMC Horizon Project Navigator database.

Let's take a quick tour of the app features!

Search extensive -- and constantly growing -- database of edtech projects, articles, and more.

Get the weekly edtech scoop. The HZ News feature delivers the top ten projects and stories to your iPad and iPhone every weekend, keeps track of what you've read, allows you to save items for later.

Have the entire NMC Horizon Report series at your fingertips. The app’s library gives you access to all editions, stretching back to the NMC Horizon Project launch in 2002.

The goal of the app is to keep educators and thought leaders up to date on the innovative edtech projects and happenings across the higher education, K-12, and museum sectors worldwide. Plus, you can easily share any resource you find interesting with your social networks with share buttons. If you would like to see your institution’s projects published in the app, submit them for consideration here.

> Download the NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly App

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