Challenge Based Learning > The Report from the Implementation Project

The NMC is pleased to announce the official release of Challenge Based Learning > The Report from the Implementation Project. In partnership with Apple Education, the NMC has studied the impact of this multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning that encourages students to leverage the technology they use in their daily lives to solve real-world problems. The results, as conveyed in this report, are extraordinary. Both the participating teachers and students became more engaged, active learners.

Since its inception, Challenge Based Learning (CBL) has been a project that is very near and dear to us. It aligns with the NMC's chief purpose of exploring ways to make learning more relevant and engaging. Our 2009 white paper, Challenge Based Learning: An Approach for Our Time chronicled the outcomes from the pilot project, which involved six U.S. high schools. Engagement for the participating students dramatically increased as they worked together to apply critical thinking skills and solve local and global challenges. The results were so compelling that in 2010, Apple Education launched a second phase with more institutions and a more international perspective. 

In the Challenge Based Learning Implementation Project, 19 institutions across the globe spanning grades 3 to 20 tackled pressing real world issues, including sustainability, democracy, and nutrition. We observed students' preconceived notions of what they could and could not accomplish in school dissolve. Students of all ages took on leadership roles and collaborated to develop and implement innovative solutions. Aided by Mac computers, Apple software, and iPad and iPod Touch devices, they proved that they could make an impact that reached far beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Challenge Based Learning > The Report from the Implementation Project outlines the changes in the attitudes of the participating students about school, their communities, and themselves. The report also shares specific examples of CBL in action, analyzes the acquisition of 21st Century Skills, and poses recommendations for how to best execute the approach. Make sure to watch the video above, as it illustrates a very successful CBL project from Ringwood North Primary School in Australia.

The outcomes of the Challenge Based Learning Implementation Project are inspirtational, and we hope to incite similar initiatives at other institutions.

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