Adobe & Case Western Reserve's Campus-Wide Technology Solution

We were excited to learn that our longtime partner Adobe, teamed up with NMC member Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) on a forward-thinking initiative. CWRU has a campus-wide site license for the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection through an Education Enterprise Liscence Agreement. Faculty, staff, and students now have access to the full array of Adobe software free of charge, enhancing their projects, programs, and content while boosting digital literacy across the campus.

Check out the details and creative applications via video here or by clicking on the image below.

One CWRU student in the Management & Medical Anthropology Department uses the Adobe Creative Suite in every aspect of his campus life. To produce the school newspaper he relies on InDesign, and for his digital scholarship program he uses the Creative Suite to build iPad apps that incorporates video, slideshows, and other media. He, like all of his campus cohorts, cannot imagine publishing content without the Master Collection.

The faculty at CWRU have also been exploring innovative ways to enrich teaching and learning with these tools. A law professor is using the Adobe Creative Master Collection to take law review articles that are typically text-based and make them more interactive and dynamic by embedding rich media.

Wendy Shapiro, Senior Academic Technology Advisor, helped lead an effort to combine voiceover from researchers with video footage from laboratory work and used the Digital Publishing Suite to create an immersive iPad app.

Case Western Reserve University CIO and NMC thought leader Lev Gonick says it best: "One of the things that we say a lot around here is that learning is not a spectator sport. We want our students to be actively involved in their own learning and their own research and their own scholarship."

The Adobe campus-wide site license puts students in control of their education, catering to all different types of learning styles, from audio to visual to multimedia. The partnership is increasing engagement for CWRU educators and students alike, fostering more innovation than ever before.

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