NMC Web Resources

The NMC’s website includes a host of Web 2.0 and social networking components, and many new services like profiles, RSS feeds, rich media. Some of the new features include:

> Dynamic Content. Virtually every page is updated instantly on loading. The home page features the most current NMC and member news and information, and a “Most Engaging" box lets you know what others on the site are finding interesting.

> NMC on iTunes U. NMC has placed extensive resources into iTunes U, all of it completely free and easy to find. We’re utilizing iTunes U to package and distribute all sorts of NMC media in forms that are both familiar and useful for educators and students. Every NMC publication, every keynote from dozens of NMC events, every NMC Horizon Report, plus podcasts, webinar archives, workshops, papers, conference programs, and communiqués are all available now at iTunes U > New Media Consortium.

> Online Conference Registration and Proposal System. These functions are completely integrated with the site now, enabling fast and easy submission and updates to registration and other information. Once your profile is established, registration and other form-based processes will pull the info automatically for you and give you a chance to update it if needed. Your personal account provides an up-to-date list of all conferences you have attended and all presentations you have made.

> User Profiles. Users can update their own contact information, enter a bio, upload a photo, list job skills, provide account names for web services (Skype, Delicious, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), and even list their Second Life avatar and image. Other users who are online can start a chat session with other members who are online at the same time.

> Member Created Content. All authorized users can contribute a wide variety of content directly to the NMC website, including blogs, member news, member events, job postings and more.

> Presentations Archive. Browse and search among the hundreds of presentations and related materials from all NMC events since November 2007 on the NMC's official YouTube channel.

> New Media Conference Calendar. Anyone from an NMC member organization can post a local conference or workshop they wish to share to a shared calendar.

> NMC Job Board. Anyone from an NMC member organization can share a job announcement on our job board, which we also retain as an archive of previously listed positions.

To access NMC’s Web Resources, email us, or call at 512-445-4200.

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