NMC Corporate Partner Services

There are three levels of membership for NMC Corporate Partners.

Strategic Partners ($25K annually) are those companies who have access to and influence the NMC's business intelligence services.  This exclusive group includes AutoDesk, Adobe, Apple, HP, and Intel.  Benefits are essentially the entire partner package we offer -- but primarily NMC connects as professional colleagues, generally under a mutual NDA, working toward mutual goals that are generally very global.  Strategic partners have early access (usually 60-90 days) to Horizon data before anyone else. 

Supporting Partners ($10K annually) look to NMC primarily as an advisor.  These companies do not have access to the special Horizon-based reports, but do have access to member info, all publications, and the benefits of the academic partner.  

Marketing Partners ($5K annually) are primarily focused on being part of NMC meetings and conferences, and the membership is centered on connecting these companies with our members.

The NMC offers its corporate partners a range of custom fee-based services, dependent on your membership level, that include:

> NMC Horizon Project
> NMC Horizon Reports and regional Technology Outlooks
> Annual NMC Summit on the Future of Education
> Annual Summer Conference
> Participation in the Corporate Partner Showcase
> Guaranteed session presentations
> Complimentary conference registrations
> Conference attendees lists
> NMC Connect Webinar Series
> Co-branded NMC On the Horizon webinars
> Access to members via NMC Commons
> Access to members via NMC Pulse
> Access to members via the NMC Member Database
> White paper conceptualization, research, and development
> Demonstration and proof-of-concept projects

Click here for a current list of NMC Corporate Partners.




Have question about NMC Corporate Partnership? Email Nancy House at nancy@nmc.org or call the NMC office at 512-445-4200. Top photo by Andy Rush.

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