NMC Members

Let's change the conversation about learning and creativity.

We know you care deeply about learning.  We know you have creative ideas about how to improve it. The NMC is the place to share those ideas and build new ones; to excite people with your work and to be excited by theirs; to stay up to speed on the latest emerging technologies and start your own trends; to learn and to be inspired; and to connect with your fellow travelers in a community that has been committed to creative thinking and real innovation in teaching and learning for over 20 years — that is the NMC in a nutshell.  

We want you and your institution to join us in this endeavor.

Who is the NMC?
Our hundreds of member institutions are large and small, world-class and aspiring-to-be-world-class, new-school and old-school. They are home to big ideas and creative leadership, and together they are fostering state of the art learning in universities, museums, schools, and libraries. Our membership includes most of the top 100 universities in the world, along with an equally highly regarded network of museums, libraries, and schools. Our corporate members include the cream of the technology industry, and our association members are the key organizations that are essential partners in our work.

NMCers, the people who comprise the NMC member community, are innovative practitioners who push the boundaries of teaching and learning with new ideas everyday. They are visionaries who are shaping the future of education on campuses, in think tanks, labs, museums, libraries, and research centers around the world. From teachers and faculty on the front lines of learning, to campus technology champions, to leaders and policy makers, everyone in the NMC is committed to the transformation of learning and solving the many challenges faced by learning-focused institutions.

Why the NMC?
You have big ideas and you need a platform to share them. You face challenges that require new perspectives and creative solutions. You need timely research and analysis to stay on the cutting edge of educational technology. The NMC is a community where innovative educators come together to exchange ideas and strategies, learn from each other, and be inspired to try new things. All ideas are welcome, minds are always open, and collaboration is the core strategy. 

What does NMC Membership cost?
There are two types of institutional membership in the NMC -- Option 1 is $2,500 per year and Option 2 is $5,000 and includes four complimentary registrations to the NMC Summer Conference. Additionally, corporate memberships are available at three levels: Marketing Partners $5,000 annually; Supporting Partners $10,000; and Strategic Partners $25,000.




Have questions about NMC membership? Contact Nancy House at nancy@nmc.org, or call 512-445-4200.

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