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The NMC Horizon Project Navigator, the NMC’s online, open-content database of free research on emerging technologies, is a dynamic social media platform overlying an innovative set of intelligent search tools and a comprehensive collection of resources. Part extensive library, part global project database, and part social network, Navigator allows users to easily search through the information, insights, and research of past NMC Horizon Projects, as well as the NMC’s expert analysis and extensive catalog of sharable rich media assets. 

Navigator highlights the best practices captured in the NMC Horizon Report series and builds upon them with continuous supporting research, which in turn, enables change agents to incorporate more innovation in education with a greatly reduced risk.

Part Extensive Library.
A natural extension of the research done for the NMC Horizon Project, Navigator is the convenient central location that houses all the curated library clippings and rich media assets. Users can access timely articles that offer insights on emerging technology topics, as well as current learning trends and imminent challenges. Pulled from world-renowned writers and speakers, the library items in the Navigator catalog represent the cream of the crop. Navigator brings the most relevant content to you in one organized place so that you don't have to go searching through the thousands of different publications and websites.

Part Global Project Database.
Navigator is home to countless examples of emerging technologies in action all over the world. Educators looking for ways to integrate new media and learning approaches into their curriculum have access to information on successful projects, making it easier to launch similar projects at their institutions. The projects in Navigator reflect a thoughtful combination of NMC expert research and user submissions. The people behind the projects are able to contribute their projects for publication so that they become easily searchable by others and connected to similar initiatives.

Part Social Network
Navigator understands that you want to be able to see how your friends are interacting with the research and what projects and articles they like. By logging into Navigator through Facebook Connect, you get a customized view of what content your friends are perusing and how they rate it. Navigator also provides a global social perspective using geolocation. Using the maps in Navigator, you can drill down on specific regions of the world to see exactly where innovation is taking place and discover new projects — simply by clicking on desired locations on the maps. Navigator is also a full-featured social media platform, uniquely suited to providing customized backend infrastructure for large-scale projects, and is currently being used to support a number of major efforts, including the HP Catalyst Project.

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