The NMC and NITLE’s collaborative project connects The NMC Horizon Report: Global Edition series with the NITLE Prediction Markets to combine futurism and gaming. Launched in 2011, each “Horizon Market” asks a question related to a topic in the latest NMC Horizon Report: Global Edition — from electronic books to augmented reality to gesture-based computing and all voted technologies in between. Anyone can play these markets and test their predictions by creating a free account at http://markets.nitle.org.

For example, the first Horizon Market released in the winter of 2011 involved predicting the number of offerings from a leading e-textbook provider. Participants created their free accounts and invested virtual money in response to the open Horizon Market question.

Like a real market, the values will increase and decrease as other people make their own investment decisions. The Horizon Market project is a window into peoples’ perceptions of technology vs. real-life consumer activity, offering insight into how the use of educational technology evolves.

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