Learning Analytics Webinar

15 December 2011 - 12:00pm - 1:15pm

Join the NMC and NERLA (North East Regional Learning Analytics) for a free, live webinar on Thursday December 15th at 1:00PM Eastern, Noon Central, and 10:00AM Pacific.

David Wedaman, of NERLA and the Director of Research and Instruction Services at Brandeis University, will cover general learnings and results from the Learning Analytics Workshop, and talk about opportunities to participate in the upcoming NERLA Symposium.

Tom Haymes, Director of Technology at Houston Community College’s Northwest College, will present an overview of his learning analytics project at HCC and the recent progress they have made there.

Amber Stubbs, a Computer Science Ph.D. candidate at Brandeis University, will present her keynote: An Introduction to Corpus Linguistics  as an offshoot of learning analytics.

And Samantha Adams, Director of Communications for the NMC, will present how learning analytics have been a part of multiple NMC Horizon Reports, and now can be found in the Short List for the NMC Horizon Report > 2012 Higher Education Edition.

Learning analytics has been a hot topic in the NMC for several years, yet in the NMC Horizon Report > 2011 K-12 Edition it still resides in the far-term horizon from three to five years out:

In light of the recent attention it has been given, learning analytics still faces some challenges, which is why it remains poised on the far-term horizon. It requires combining data from disparate sources, often in different formats. It also carries with it concerns about student privacy and profiling, as well as the sense that students are being reduced to information and numbers. Indeed, learning analytics to date generally falls within the purview of IT departments. For the information and its use to be more productive within curricula and pedagogy, faculty will need both to understand its technical potential, as well its pedagogical usefulness. These challenges will need to be addressed as the work moves forward. The potential for learning is clear, but the technology to deliver that potential is still very young.

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