Kaltura Inspire Series: Design and Launch a Complete Cross-Campus Media Suite.

14 June 2012 - 11:30am - 12:30pm

8:30 am Pacific / 10:30 am Central / 11:30 am Eastern 

Kaltura Inspire Series: Design and Launch a Complete Cross-Campus Media Suite

An NMC Partner Webinar

Use of online rich-media has become a necessity in the modern learning environment. Colleges and Universities are using all forms of online media for both on and off-campus education, to enhance the appeal of campus websites, and increase collaboration between students and faculty. However, education institutions attempting to implement a cross-campus media solution encounter a range of technology and policy related challenges. Determining and enforcing acceptable usage policies in light of evolving DRM considerations, allowing individual departments the autonomy to maintain unique deployments, and how to apply pre-defined metadata standards so content is properly tagged, cataloged and searched are just a few of the topics today’s educational institutions are taking into consideration when evaluating potential solution providers.

This webinar will explore the many possibilities that educational institutions now face when choosing, designing, and launching a cross-campus media management solution. We will cover how video and new forms of multimedia-enabled learning are revolutionizing education. In addition to the technology supporting institutions’ requirements this session will share current best practices used by today’s leading universities. Join experts from University of Kansas and Kaltura as we cover the numerous solutions available to universities trying to create a true cross-campus media suite.

John Rinnert - Media Producer, University of Kansas
Devin Beck - Education Expert, Kaltura

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