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The Horizon Project's Tenth-Year Retreat

24 January 2012 - 6:00pm - 26 January 2012 - 1:00pm

The NMC’s Horizon Project may very well be producing the single most important body of research into emerging technology within the world of education. With well over one million downloads and 27 translations in the past ten years, the NMC Horizon Report series provides the higher education, K-12, and museum communities across the globe a key strategic technology planning tool that is continuously refreshed and updated.  

The NMC and the Horizon Project are best known for its flagship Horizon Reports that focus on higher education and K12 globally, but the research into the uptake of technology goes far beyond what is published in those key publications.  The NMC does extensive work regionally around the world as well, working with ministries of education and other key groups to produce specialized reports for Latin America, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and is currently working on projects in Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan), and planning projects for Brazil, India, and Africa.  The Horizon research is truly global in scope and reach.

In 2012, the Horizon Project will celebrate its tenth year of research into emerging technology, and Dr. Larry Johnson, CEO of the NMC, and Dr. Lev Gonick, VP and CIO at Case Western Reserve University and Board Chair Emeritus of the NMC, are working together as Retreat Co-Chairs to plan a very special way to mark that milestone.  They have invited distinguished thought leaders from around the world to come together January 24-26, 2012 in Austin to reflect on what technology will mean to educational institutions in the next decade.

The notion is simple:  in a world where libraries are completely reinventing themselves, where universities and schools are moving away from labs to BYOD, and where the focus of everything seems to be on mobiles — what will be the role of technology in the next decade?  What do leading institutions need to be doing now to prepare?  What are the strategies that will provide them the most flexibility?  The greatest competitive advantage?

A renowned group of 100 experts from all over the world who have served on Horizon Project advisory boards over the last decade have agreed to join us in Austin to help us address those questions.  This is a genuinely exceptional group of thought leaders, and a genuinely unique gathering.  It represents an opportunity for our sponsors to not only be at the table among the ranks of some of the most forward thinking thought leaders anywhere in the world -- but to be seen as a catalyst for this sure-to-be-seminal event.

We plan to produce a 30-page-ish report that does two things:  One is to capture meta-learnings drawn from our research of ten years into the uptake of technology, which technologies seem to be "sticky" and persist, which are generative (in the sense of shaping perceptions that allow subsequent technologies to take traction) — and how to know one from the other. The second is to use those meta-learnings to frame a set of recommendations for strategic technology planning to inform the next decade of decision making across all sectors of education.

The report will be broadly read, and will almost surely see the same uptake as the NMC’s three annual Horizon Reports, which cumulatively have some 1.25 million readers and hundreds of thousands of downloads per year.

David Sibbet, CEO of the Grove and the world’s leading visual facilitator, has agreed to facilitate the event for us, and to help move the participants to a set of recommendations and insights that will inform a major 30-to-40-page publication that is the key outcome of the retreat.

Sponsorship Levels

  • $50,000 Presenting Sponsorship and 3 seats at the retreat, plus an opportunity to participate in one of 10 six minutes formal presentations
  • $25,000 For Gold Sponsorship and an opportunity for 2 seats at the retreat and bringing greetings and a sponsorship message at dinner (dinner brought to you by...)
  • $10,000 For Silver Sponsorship and an opportunity for 1 seat at the retreat and bringing greetings and a sponsorship message at lunch (lunch brought to you by....)
  • $5,000 for Bronze Sponsorship and an opportunity for 1 seat at the retreat,  and acknowledgement from Larry Johnson during each plenary part of the gathering.


Attendance at this Retreat is by special invitation only.  

Thanks to the lead support of NMC's distinguished Platinum Partner HP, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Apollo Research Group, Cisco Systems, Inc. and Enterprise Hive.

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