Critique^It Webinar: Rich-Media Peer Review

9 May 2012 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm

NMC Corporate Partner Critique^It invites you to participate in a live webinar exclusively for NMC Members and their guests.

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Rich-media peer review tools allow professors greater flexibility in their pedagogical methods. The outcome is increased student interaction and deeper rhetorical and critical engagement across curriculum.

Join us as Critique^It co-founders, Ashley Bradford and Alexa Fleur, demonstrate the innovative social learning environment of Critique^It:

> Text, audio, video feedback on text files and images
> Effective document and course management
> Real-time statistics
> ADA/FERPA compliancy
> Upcoming Rubric Tool

About Critique^It and the Presenters
Ashley Bradford has worked over the last decade in web-based informatics and data systems in forensic science and national defense.  He was inspired to create Critique^It while teaching as adjunct faculty.  Ashley has an undergraduate degree from Bowling Green University and a graduate degree from Yale.

Critique^It is the brainchild of Alexandra Fleur, a visionary and inventive thinker. Fleur enjoys capturing unseen possibilities and finds relevant, new connections between people, ideas and systems. She envisioned robust rich-media peer review as a student working on her first middle-grade fiction novel.

In building the company, CritiqueIt Inc., Fleur and Bradford set out to use their expertise to provide technologies that bring an organic, human context to peer-to-peer communication, collaboration and learning.  

> Watch the Adobe Connect Archive.

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