2013 Summer Conference Program

The 2013 NMC Summer Conference has a new schedule again this year!  The conference will begin on Monday, June 3 with the Photo Safari; Tuesday, June 4 with the Preconference Workshops and Corporate Partner Showcase & Opening Reception; and close at 12 noon on Friday, June 7 following the closing plenary.

The 2013 NMC Summer Conference will offer attendees an extensive range of sessions and activities from which to choose, including opening and closing sessions; NMC Perspectives Series on Ideas That Matter from Thought Leaders; NMC Town Hall Meeting; Five Minutes of Fame; the new Idea Lab judged by peers; Preconference Workshops; and more than 30 sessions highlighting the innovative work of colleagues from around the world.

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Preconference Workshops

The conference will be preceeded by half-day and full-day Preconference Workshops. These extended-length workshops provide attendees the chance to explore a topic in depth or participate in hands-on training in a variety of new software programs. All workshops require advance registration and payment of a special fee in addition to the normal Summer Conference registration fees.

Breakout Sessions

The 2013 NMC Summer Conference will offer around 30 breakout sessions, each 60 minutes in length with 10-15 minutes of question and answer at the end. Sessions will include presentations and panel discussions. 

Conference Session Paths

This year's program focuses on six key session paths that include:

  • Imagine
  • Explore
  • Play
  • Create
  • Reflect
  • Transform

Five Minutes of Fame

The Five Minutes of Fame will be held in a general session on Wednesday, June 5. In the fast-paced Five Minutes of Fame, selected NMC members will have only five minutes to showcase and tell their remarkable stories -- and if they run out of time, a gong will signal that their Five Minutes of Fame are up! This unusual session is fast, fun, and a great overview of some of the outstanding work taking place on NMC member campuses.

Idea Lab

The NMC Idea Lab  is the next evolution of the poster session.  It is a place where the poster is a form of artistic expression -- whether digital, analog, or hybrid; a place where ideas are not only shared, but born; and a place for rich one-on-one discussions around new concepts and ideas. It is a place for your ideas, projects, research and more, and we fully expect that the exhibits will vary to reflect the diverse interests in our community. Participants and attendees are encouraged to learn and generate new ideas through tinkering, fun, questioning, experimentation and play. Peer judges will evaluate the entries, looking for the freshest and most creative presentations and ideas.  Winners will be announced at the end of the session. Conference attendees are encouraged to Imagine, Explore, Play, Create, Transform and Reflect with the different ideas presented in the Idea Lab.

Photo credit: Dan LaValley and Nikki Schmitt
Flickr Creative Commons

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