2013 NMC Summer Conference: Emerging Leaders Forum

Join us for fhe Emerging Leaders Forum at this years Summer Conference. This group is a set of individuals that are presenting big ideas to make significant change in their world. From Texas to Chile, the big ideas and projects emerging from this group can't be missed!

This event will be held on Friday, June 7; 9:00 - 10:45 am.

Todd Bryant
Dickinson College

Todd Bryant is the Foreign Language Liaison for the Academic Technology Department at Dickinson College.  He is interested in connecting foreign language students with native speakers for exchanges via social software and is the creator of the Mixxer, www.language-exchanges.org.  He is also interested in games as immersive environments for foreign languages and as simulations for the social sciences.

Nico Carver
University of Delaware

Nico Carver is a filmmaker turned librarian, and is currently the coordinator of Student Multimedia Design Center services at the University of Delaware Library. He is passionate about sharing his love of multimedia with others, and he approaches workshop design as an ongoing experiment. Nico is currently interested in non-intrusive ways to collect rich data from his workshop participants, in order to better understand how much someone can learn in just two hours.  To this end, he has two learning experiments in-progress.  1: Dynamically changing the speed and breadth of the workshop by using real-time feedback, and 2: Tracking how well participants “follow-along,” and using this data to better understand computer-assisted learning and improve instruction.  Nico loves new ideas and receiving feedback.  Please feel free to contact him at: nico@udel.edu.

José Ignacio Fernández Cofré
Equipo FRC Corazón de Chileno

In addition of receiving the Young Education Leaders Award in 2012 from Microsoft and British Council, and Woodie Flowers Finalist Award from FIRST California the same year, José Ignacio is an informatics engineer and obtained a Master in Logistics and Operation Systems from Universidad Andrés Bello, Santiago, Chile.

Since 2005, José has been involved in the development of a robotics championship, a program for high school students across Chile. The first event saw 330 student competitors. Now, in its 8th year, more than 1,200 students are participating in the championship. Participants dive deep into STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), with a special focus on robotics and computer skills. In addition students learn to apply 21st century skills, which are required to become successful citizens in Chile and worldwide.

José Ignacio is a senior mentor for the unique Chilean FRC team. The FRC team called "Corazón de Chileno®" (Chilean Heart) consists of high school students from different schools in Santiago. Every year the team builds highly sophisticated robots to compete in the most technology savvy robotic competitions worldwide.

José is a huge believer in STEM areas. Through gaming, he managed to encourage his student’s interest in STEM and foster skills development. 80% of Jose’s students come from low-income families, 95% of them continue their studies at universities after the program and 70% of them join STEM related programs. For more information visit www.corazondechileno.cl/english/

Gregory Fortner
Network Labs

Gregory Fortner was a terrible science student. His passion for the topic developed later in life thanks in part to his Network Labs partners Dr. Kemi Jona and Andrew Watchorn.  Since the three co-founded Network Labs Mr. Fortner has acted as president, leading the development of the business plan and fundraising efforts as well as project managing new lab development. To date he has raised over $40,000 for NETWORK LABS and guided the company to the semifinals of both the Harvard Business School and Milken Penn business plan competitions as well as winning Start-up Chile, an incubator for start-ups in that country. While there, he also organized and led a pilot program featuring the remote laboratory developed by his partner Dr. Jona. Mr. Fortner has spent the past twelve years as a producer and creative director for entertainment and design projects around the globe. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan where he will begin his MBA studies this fall. He continues to work tirelessly to make the promise of remote laboratories a reality.  Want to get involved? Contact  gfortner@livelaboratory.com

Michael Furdyk

Michael Furdyk is the Co-founder of TakingITGlobal (www.tigweb.org), which provides innovative global education programs that empower youth to understand and act on the world's greatest challenges. In the past, he turned his interest in technology into several successful online companies, including MyDesktop.com, which sold to Internet.com in 1999. In 2008, he was named by Contribute Magazine as one of 10 Tech Revolutionaries Redefining the Power and Face of Philanthropy. Michael has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, presented at TED, and was named one of Teen People's "Twenty Teens that will Change the World". Over the last decade, he has keynoted over 100 events across sectors, sharing his social media expertise and insights on youth engagement and educational reform to audiences in over 30 countries. He sits on several non-profit boards, including the Re-Inventing Schools Coalition, and on the International Advisory Council for Microsoft's Partners in Learning program.

Sarah Schauus
EDUCATION CONNECTIONS’s Center for 21st Century Skills

Sarah Schauss has a B.A. in Economics from Eastern Connecticut State University. She works at EDUCATION CONNECTION’s Center for 21st Century Skills managing curriculum and planning experiential events for the the Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.


Carol Stensrud
New Medial Visual Arts at VSA Texas

Carol Stensrud is an artist, educator, advocate, innovator and academic.  Her boss calls her a true creative.  She has taught at the University level since she was twenty-two. Her areas of study are Leisure Studies and Disability Studies (except they did not have the later when she was in school).  She is a certified recreation therapist working on the community inclusion angle of this little known, but powerful human service area. Her degrees include: Ed.D. in Recreation Administration, Therapeutic Recreation, Community Service & Public Administration Emphasis from the University of Oregon, Eugene Oregon, 1983. (USOE, Bureau of Education for the Handicapped (*passé terminology) Fellowship).

Her dream is to be able to bring new media arts to more schools and organizations across the globe. She would also love to consult with leading computer companies, helping them better serve half the planet, persons with disabilities and their families.

Matthew Worwood
EDUCATION CONNECTIONS’s Center for 21st Century Skills

Matthew Worwood is an Apple Distinguished Educator with a B.A. in Drama and M.S. in Educational Studies, specializing in Creativity. He currently works at EDUCATION CONNECTION’s Center for 21st Century Skills and is a faculty member at the University of Connecticut’s Digital Media and Design Department. Through his work at the Center for 21st Century Skills, Matthew has established the Connecticut Student Film Festival, developed a sequence of digital media courses for the Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and led the digital media and film aspect of a state initiative called Connecticut Career Choices.

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