NMC Listserv

The NMC maintains two email lists for NMC Community to access each other directly:

NMC Technical and Pedagogical Discussion List (NMCTAB)
This listserv is a private list for NMC members only. The TAB, as it is called, is a very active resource for members devoted to technically or pedagogically focused discussions on all aspects of integrating technology into teaching, learning, and creative expression. Questions posted to this list generate quick responses and often stimulate rich discussion threads. This list can get very busy, but is considered one of the most valuable benefits of membership. An online archive of the list provides that searchable access to the knowledge base is accessible by active members of the list.

NMC C-LAB Discussion List
The NMC listserv is a private list for NMC Campus Liaisons and Campus Advisory Board Members (the C-LAB Group) only, and typically generates only a very small amount of traffic. Discussions are dedicated to center management, staffing, professional development, C-LAB meetings and online discussions, and related topics. An online archive of the list provides that searchable access to the knowledge base is accessible by active members of the list.

NMC Subscribers Announcement List (NMCSubscribe)
The NMCSubscribe listserv is the official channel for NMC news and announcements sent by NMC staff. NMCSubscribe is an announcement-only (one-way) list. Replies are not distributed back out to the list as on a discussion list, but rather are sent to general mailbox at the NMC office where they are monitored by NMC staff who will reply as warranted. An online archive of the list provides searchable access to the history of postings. Anyone, whether an NMC member or not, can subscribe to this list.

Note: In order to post to any of these listservs, you must be a subscriber.

> Interested in joining the lists or unsubscribing? Contact us.


NMC's lists are both "controlled subscription." This means that all subscription requests must be handled by the NMC office in Austin, Texas; it is not possible to subscribe oneself to thes lists. When new accounts are created on the NMC web site, requestors have an option of checking a box to indicate their interest in being added to a list. If you missed this opportunity, just send an email to nmc@nmc.org along with the name of this list you wish to subscribe.


Please send a note to the list manager at nmc@nmc.org asking to be removed.

Posting to the Lists

The lists will only distribute messages from subscribers. The address for posting to the NMC list is nmc@lists.princeton.edu The address for posting to the NMCTAB list is nmctab@lists.princeton.edu.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In addition to being "controlled subscription," THE LISTS WILL ONLY DISTRIBUTE MESSAGES FROM SUBSCRIBERS. This means that if you subscribed to the list as sspade@u_malta.edu, but forward mail to Sam_Spade@falcon.net, messages sent from the latter address will be rejected.

Replying to postings

Please note that your reply WILL BE SENT TO THE ENTIRE LIST. If you do not want to do that, please start a new mail message with the individual's e-mail address.

List Archives

If you are a member of an NMC list, you can browse and search the archives of that list back to January 2000 from your web browser. You can search by keyword, author, or date range; browse by thread, author, or date; and even post to the list with the web interface.

To access the web interface and the archives

  1. Go to: https://lists.princeton.edu
  2. Click on Login (On your first visit, you'll need to create a new password; just follow the instructions from the create new LISTSERV password located on the Login screen.)

IMPORTANT: Be sure to use the same email address you normally post to the list from or you will get an error.

EASE-OF-USE TIP: If you let the software create a cookie, you'll not need to log in again from that machine.) From the Welcome Screen, follow the link for Subscriber's Corner, and then follow the link for the NMC list you want to browse/search. You will see our list archives listed by month.

Pick any month to browse by threaded topic, or use the links at the top of the page to quickly search the entire archive or post to the list. When you enter a given month, a set of buttons provides a range of more specific sorting, searching, and posting options.

A Table of Contents shows all of the threads for that month. Mouse over the buttons to see their functions. NOTE: You do not have to use the web interface to post to the list. The easiest way to post, as always, is to simply send an email to the list or reply to a posting from your email program. If, however, you want to browse or search, the web interface is the place to do that!


In order to maintain collegiality and candor, the NMC lists are controlled-subscription; material on the lists is intended only for subscribers. Therefore, postings should not be archived on a publicly accessible site. We also prefer that the lists not be redistributed to representatives of non-member organizations.

Administrative Issues

Please do not send e-mail meant for the NMC office or staff to the list. Use our main e-mail address (nmc@nmc.org), or an individual staff member's address. Our main e-mail address is also the address you should use if you're having problems with the list, or need assistance with subscribing or unsubscribing.


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