Emerging Technology Initiative

Q: How can NMC and its members keep abreast of emerging technologies that may be important to our collective work?

A: The Emerging Technology Initiative. This initiative ensures the NMC’s continual focus on identifying and understanding promising emerging technologies, especially through the lenses of creative inquiry and learning. The initiative is designed to stimulate systematic thinking about the future and its possible impacts, and is a fertile source of new ideas and major projects for the organization, several of which have themselves emerged as NMC initiatives.

The Horizon Project is the centerpiece of the Emerging Technology Initiative, and its most visible product, the NMC’s series of annual Horizon Reports, has become one of the most widely read publications in higher education, used by educational and other institutions all over the world.  Readership is conservatively placed in the tens of thousands every year.

As part of a related focus on practical applications of technology to large problems, the annual Symposium on the Future was launched in 2009 to explore how emerging technologies might be brought to bear on a wide range of issues of global importance.

> Download Horizon Reports on our Publications page.
> Download Horizon Reports and view presentations from the NMC Symposium for the Future on iTunes U.


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