NMC Initiatives

As part of its ongoing research, the NMC identifies areas of potential impact in teaching, learning, research, and creative inquiry. These areas, or initiatives, are designed to address a need or challenge, framed in the form of a question. The activities and programs undertaken by the NMC aim to tease out the relevant issues related to each question and find ways to address them.

Within each initiative, the NMC employs four strategies to develop supporting activities. These are to convene people around ideas; to catalyze dialog and discussion; to build community and engage people; and to contribute to the field in the form of publications, demonstration and other projects, and information archives.

The current Core Initiatives of the NMC are:

Dynamic Knowledge Initiative
Guiding question: How can technology drive the formation of new knowledge, expand dialog, and fuel the exchange of ideas?
> Read more about the DKI here.

Emerging Technology Initiative
Guiding question: How can the NMC and its members keep abreast of emerging technologies that may be important to our collective work?
> Read more about the ETI here.

New Collaborations Initiative
Guiding question: How can we leverage the work of learning organizations outside our usual spheres to inform and enhance our own work and reach new audiences?
> Read more about the NCI here.


Sparking innovation, learning and creativity.
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Identifying the impact of emerging technologies.
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The largest educational presence in any virtual world, involving more than 150 colleges and universities and a very active community of educators that numbers nearly 12,000.
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