Kristina Woolsey: 2007 NMC Fellows Award

Currently Woolsey is the Project Director for a Capital Project at the San Francisco Exploratorium, where she combines her commitment to high quality educational opportunities for all with strategic institutional and architectural development.  She is also a member of the Emeritus Board of the New Media Consortium, an organization she has worked with since its inception, and she is the Head of the Advisory Board for the Learning, Design and Technology Program at Stanford University.  Woolsey also serves as Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Cognitive Ps 2007 NMC Fellows Award: Kristina Woolsey, Ph.D.

Over her remarkable career, Kristina Woolsey has taken her background in Cognitive Science and extended it into the design domain.  As a postdoctoral fellow in architecture, she explored how movies could show places.  As an Assistant Professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz she explored geographic information systems, working on the Aspen Movie Map as a visiting faculty member at MIT.  She extended her leadership in the intersection of design and cognition as Director of the Atari Research Lab, and then as co-Founder and Director of the Apple Computer Multimedia Lab and a founding member of the Apple Human Interface Group .  She was named a Distinguished Scientist, Apple Computer, in acknowledgement of her pioneering work in multimedia in education.

She has served in a myriad of roles, including executive producer of a range of critically acclaimed multimedia titles, including Life Story, the Visual Almanac , and Voices of the Thirties.  Woolsey is author of many articles, chapters, and books, including VizAbility, from Ceengage Publishers, which she coauthored with Scott Kim and Gayle Curtis.   She served as co-editor with Sueann Ambron on Interactive Multimedia and Learning with Interactive Multimedia, both from Microsoft Press. Psychology at Case Western University.  Very active and supportive of K12 education, she is Director of the Marin Learning Conservancy and served as president of the Ross School Board of Trustees   She is also a member of the Advisory Council for the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts.

Her most recent projects include the Golden Age of Multimedia, which she authored, and New Media Thinking, in which she served as Director.
Golden Age of Multimedia
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New Media Thinking Project   

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