Center of Excellence Awards

The NMC Center of Excellence Award distinguishes NMC member institutions that have demonstrated an exceptional record of success in the integration of technology with teaching, learning, or creative expression.

The success of the institution is evidenced by the quality of faculty or student work that is in some way connected to the efforts of the institution; by the effectiveness of the institution in advancing the integration of technology with teaching, learning, or creative expression; by the impact on the work of students and learning within the institution; or by its influence on practitioners across the academy.

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NMC Center of Excellence Awards
> 2013 CSEV
> 2013 The Ohio State University
> 2012 Ball State University
> 2012 St. Edward's University
> 2011 Apple Education
> 2011 Full Sail University
> 2011 University of Southern California, Institute for Multimedia Literacy
> 2010 Tulane University
> 2010 Pennsylvania State University
> 2010 Houston Community College System
> 2009 La Universitat Oberta Catalunya
> 2009 The Center for Digital Storytelling
> 2009 Abilene Christian University
> 2008 Rochester Institute of Technology
> 2008 University of Maryland, Baltimore County
> 2007 Otis College of Art and Design
> 2007 University if Wisconsin, Madison
> 2007 University of British Columbia
> 2006 Case Western Reserve University
> 2006 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
> 2006 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
> 2005 California State University, Chico
> 2005 Wesleyan University
> 2005 The University of Texas at Austin
> 2004 Kent State University
> 2004 Uuniversity of California, Berkeley
> 2004 Johns Hopkins University
> 2003 Medical College of Ohio
> 2003 Maricopa Community Colleges
> 2003 Pasadena City College
> 2002 California State University System
> 2002 Carleton College
> 2002 City College of New York
> 2002 Northeastern University
> 2002 University of Calgary

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