NMC Board of Directors

The NMC Board of Directors is a group of ten visionary individuals who voluntarily contribute their time and share a common commitment to the promise of technology to transform the work we do as learners and educators. The NMC Board focuses its time and considerable talents on considering the future of both formal and informal education and in setting the strategic course for the NMC in that future.

The Board has embraced the principles of policy governance, and shares the following core beliefs:

  • We are unabashedly pro-technology, and our passion for the work we do is fueled by what we believe to be true about education.
  • We believe that education not only should change its core practices, but that it must.
  • We believe that the need for change is urgent -- we cannot continue to tweak the same outmoded models and expect results that have eluded us for decades.
  • We believe that technology -- itself a dynamic and ever-changing landscape -- provides the levers to enable that change. If we can embrace the never-ending flow of new technologies and put creative thought to how to apply them, those same processes can be applied to other organizational dynamics.
  • Furthermore, we believe that technology brings us more than a facility in managing change. It connects us in ways that matter, and allows expression to our humanity.
Current NMC Board of Directors

> Wendy Shapiro, Chair
> Don Henderson, Vice Chair
> Elizabeth Neely, Secretary/Treasurer
> Michael Berman, Board Member
> Larry Johnson, Chief Executive Officer
> Richard Holeton, Board Member
> Joe Lambert, Board Member
> Karen McCavitt, Board Member
> Ruben Puentedura, Board Member
> Peggy Snyder, Board Member

Emeritus Board Members

The NMC Board is authorized for a maximum of fifteen seats, but only ten are generally filled. Board members serve three years, and each spring, the Board considers nominations to replace the three members who retire each year. Up to four seats each are set aside for members and platinum partners; an additional four are designated as “at-large” and open to anyone the Board wishes to invite.

The Board has three special seats as well — one is reserved for the CEO; two additional seats are set aside for “visionaries,” and these seats are filled by extraordinary thinkers whose role is to help the Board to approach its work creatively and see its mission in new ways.


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